2014 Resolution or Not

2014 Resolution or Not

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Have you made a New Years resolution?

If so, how’s that going for you? If not, is there anything you’ve been wanting to create in your life and have been putting it off for hours, days, weeks or years?

Many people are frustrated and held back or blocked from creating something different in their lives. Perhaps it’s perfectionism, fear of failure or success, patterns or perceptions they learned and took on as their own as a child from parents or other adults, maybe a form of rebellion, feeling overwhelmed and stressed and just hold back equating to procrastination.

When one drags their feet they create obstacles to avoid growth and change and over time become masters at sabotaging themselves and create blame. It was so and so’s fault, the weather kept me from …, Grandpa passed last week, etc.

This type of lifestyle is harmful and the consequences can be disastrous. It causes people great stress, anxiety, financial hardship, possibly missing out on great opportunities, loss of trust and throws responsibility onto others creating rips in relationships, resentment or loss of friendships and partners. Health also declines with more stomach issues, flu, colds, and sleep loss.

Do you or do you know of anyone that states “I focus better under stress, ” “I’m very creative under pressure, ” “I’ll have more time tomorrow,” “I’m to tired” or maybe they distract themselves by watching TV, checking email, facebook, surfing the web or playing computer games hours on end? Is time regulated or is there a great loss of time?

Breaking from the life patterns of procrastination can be quick and easy no matter how old or long it’s been ruling ones life. First make the decision to do so. Then make a plan, look at the options to create support and success. Hypnosis, meditation and deep reflection, EFT – Tapping, cognitive behavior therapy, etc.

Hypnosis is like a sharp knife. It cuts through illusion swiftly so one can have clarity to see and understand the origin, feelings and beliefs that support the procrastination. There may have been a time in ones life that procrastination served and protected them. It was a good and valid protection to be in a place of safety. The subconscious mind isn’t able to see that the pattern that once served now harms and that’s where hypnosis gently relaxes the conscious mind which opens the subconscious mind to the reality that it no longer needs to protect while creating new and healthy patterns and self-empowerment to support the individual on their path of life.

If you procrastinate and want to let go of this habit right NOW is the right time to make the decision, empower yourself and take action. Not tomorrow, Monday, next week or January 1st. Right NOW make the plan of support and just do it. Do it for YOU!

If you know someone that procrastinates please forward this message to them NOW!





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