Finding Your Voice

Finding Your Voice

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Keeping your truth bottled up, stuffing it down to your core, thinking of not wanting to make waves for fear of loosing a relationship or wanting to blend in is not only emotionally and mentally draining it also harms the physical part of you.

The body will whisper and if the whispers are not heard it will yell in many ways when we don’t speak up or say our truth. It releases harmful hormones which weaken the immune system, elevate your heart rate, raises your blood pressure, contracted muscles, aches and pains loose sleep, libido drops, anxiety and depression may be felt. People even go to the doctor thinking there is something physically wrong,  all the tests come back negative and the patient is told there is nothing wrong.

When you speak what’s true, the body relaxes, your muscles stop tensing, your blood pressure lowers, your pulse slows and your cheerful hormones get jump started.

STOP saying what you should and say what you feel and shine the REAL you. Here are some tips…

Open up awareness. Observe when your actions, thoughts and words are incongruent. Harm is done to self and others when feeling and thinking one way and then speaking and acting another way.

Accept your feelings. Be truthful about your feelings to yourself. Are you feeling uncomfortable, nervous or frightened about speaking up?

Look at your motivation and the harm. Am I “editing” my thoughts and why? What am I frightened of? What am I avoiding dealing with by not speaking my truth? What is my pay-off for avoiding the truth? How does this harm me and my future?

Remove words should, can’t, try, but and if from your vocabulary. These are defeating words that allow failure, blame, guilt and victimization of self and others. Add words yes, can, and, will…

Know that No is okay. To say no to others is safe and empowering. It is your right to respect your time and energies without taking on guilt.

Speak to others with “I” I feel disappointed; I disagree with you, are statements that are empower you and do not make others wrong.

Speak your truth every day. It takes practice and awareness and as time goes by it becomes natural.

Speak from your heart. We can express our truth with kindness to others without crushing feelings while being direct and clear.




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