Issues in the Bedroom

Issues in the Bedroom

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Issues in the Bedroom

Over 40 million Americans are having sleep issues. The average person in the 60’s got 9 hours of sleep now it’s 6 ½ hours per night. We now live in a society that moves at a much faster pace which causes a lot of stress and anxiety.

Many people now devalue sleep. There’s nothing more important that having amazing energy and being fully present for yourself, your children and your spouse.

Common problems of not getting enough sleep are:

weight gain, fatigue and chronic fatigue, lower immunity, 70% diabetes, 40% heart disease, shorter life span, headaches, digestive issues, rapid aging, hormones become out of balance, lower sex drive, fewer work promotions – not as present and less effective at work, higher blood pressure, higher rates of depression, more accident prone, impaired mental functions

 People need an average of 7 1/2 – 9 actual hours of sleep per night according to Stanford University to feel refreshed and great energy all day.

 When you sleep well again it will be incredible and will change your life in ways you can’t even imagine. The benefits are so extraordinary. Clients tell me they have their life back.

 What can you do to get better sleep?

  1. make it priority and commit to getting a full night sleep

  2. budget the time for your sleep

  3. learn about it

  4. get help from a hypnotherapist

  How do I easily fall asleep?

  1. use a process that calms a racing mind

  2. go to sleep at the same time every night

  3. wake up at the same time every morning

  4. ware ear plugs

  5. ware a Light Blocking Sleep Mask

  6. avoid food or drink after 7pm

  7. avoid alcohol and foods that are inflammatory to you

  8. make your sleep area the worlds most comfortable place

  9. set temperature between 60 and 70 degrees

  10. if you get up at night use night lights, don’t flip on your lights

  11. don’t sleep with pets if they are disruptive

  12. take a hot bath

  13. sleep on your side


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