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Do You Know the Signs of a Narcissist?

  1. Everything will revolve around this person. It will be all about their needs, their wants, their life.
  2. Nothing will ever be their fault. Even with evidence to the contrary, it still is never their fault.
  3. They neglect you, take you for granted, and never make you feel important or valuable.
  4. Selfish is an understatement when you are dealing with them.
  5. They lack empathy, compassion and the only feelings they care about are their own.
  6. Everyone around them are ‘objects’ to be used for their own gratification or needs.
  7. They say they love you yet abuse you, yell and scream and like the flip of a switch they are calm as if nothing happened. Note: Abuse is not just physical; other forms of abuse are verbal, emotional and/or psychological. Any form of abuse is traumatic, none lesser than the other.


Survivors and Thrivers of Narcissistic Abuse- Steps to Wellness From a Narcissistic Relationship

  • Forgive Yourself: We often don’t recognize the amount of self-blame that occurs after a narcissistic relationship. Look at the parts you need to forgive yourself for the wrong choices and understand you are not crazy nor stupid. Having compassion and patience with yourself is a must.
  • Understand: When we are healing, we are looking for ways to avoid going through the same situation again. It’s important to understand narcissists, how they work and realizing the behavior patterns so you know how to prevent going into another toxic relationship.
  • Identity: It’s easy to feel lost after a narcissistic relationship, reflect who you would like to become. The wellingness process is about uncovering your goal; what the well version of you looks like and what steps you need to take to get there.
  • Dreams: What would you like your future to look like? It’s important that you know what you are working towards in your life and you will strive when you see progress, so having a goal you see how you are making the steps closer to your new life.
  • Emotions: Gaslighting (makes you doubt your reality) can cause distraction from your own emotions and thoughts, so it’s important to start to feel your emotions and notice them as they start to come up. As you witness these emotions, allow them to be without changing them or telling yourself “you shouldn’t be feeling this way”, it’s important to accept and be at peace with your feelings. Remember there’s no right or wrong, they just are.
  • Vocal: Very often it’s hard to give voice to what you are feeling, lived through, the immense abuse you have endured and isolation. Realizing there are so many people that understand and experienced the “wrath of a narcissist” as you have lived through.
  • Gift Yourself: Take back your power, rebuild your strength and new identity, reign control, reinvent yourself, regain self-trust, meet your needs, connect with family and make new friends. Build confidence and know your worth; create healthy boundaries and dreams, learn to love yourself and release the trauma (PTSD).
  • Resolution: With the help of a skilled hypnotherapist you will easily; let go of fears & guilt, forgive yourself, find your power, have clarity and well-being, know your amazingness, worthiness, strengths, freedom and revel in them!

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