Live Online Hypnosis Video Conference Sessions

Live Online Hypnosis Video Conference Sessions

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Live Online Hypnosis Video Conference Sessions

My hypnosis practice is focused on what’s great about you. This process is about how we are together going to harness that and hypnotically put that to use to help you to easily and naturally produce your goals.

As society we are all having to go through something together. The threat around this virus is producing a good amount of stress and anxiety and appropriately a good amount of fear and I’m putting out a simple message to you, “I’m here to help you”. Through the way of live online video conference is just as effective with the hypnotic process as if we were together in the same room.

I work with many people from all over the world live online video conference along with folks that are local. Live online video conference has allowed people to have a session due to bad weather, from hospital, that are home bound, and now of course because of the virus.

I give this bit of background because on aspect of hypnosis is as soon as you arrive to my office we would begin we’d have conversation about what your goals are. I explain what hypnosis is and what hypnosis is not. One the actual work begins you are sitting in a comfortable chair, your eyes are closed and at that point it doesn’t matter whether we’re in the same room or not anyway.

What’s awesome about live online video conference? I can on purpose do some of the sessions remotely. Here’s why, image the changes in your health, behaviors and your focus when we can hypnotically create the results in the environment in which you want to produce the change. Think about a person who has issues with night time snacking or exercise motivation and want to do these things at home, or someone who has fear of speaking to coworkers and does a session in their office. Instead of coming into my office a having to pretend or create being at home in their mind, they are already there and we can produce results in that experience. So what’s cool about live online video conference is sometimes its not only just as effective it actually maybe even more effective because we can get the result and we can calibrate it right away.

The way live online video conference works is very simple. To get started now, just call and have a free conversation with me. We’ll set up a plan of action towards your goals, then we schedule a session and using  live online video conference I will connect with you at your scheduled time.

The difference is you don’t have to come my office. You will use your laptop, desktop, tablet or even your phone. (Phone sessions are available as well.)

Once we begin the process it’s the same quality experience.

We are all in a time of our lives where we are forced to slow down and using the greatest power we have, our mind, let’s make it work for out greatest benefit.

NOW is the best time in your life to succeed!


How to get the most out of your  live online video conference session

Find a place where you are along and undisturbed

Comfortable place to rest your body

Lean back or lay down. Have your head supported

Have the video forum we discussed up and ready

Headphones or earbuds


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