Stress Management by Brenda Rhodes

Stress Management by Brenda Rhodes

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Stress Management by Brenda Rhodes

We do wonderful jobs maintaining our possessions. Every 3000 miles we change the oil, make sure there is proper air pressure, get tune-ups and wash our vehicles. We update our virus protection, defrag and scan our computers. So why is it that so many people don’t maintain their health (physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual) and what causes our health to decline so quickly?

Stress is the largest cause of failing health. To much stress leads to feelings of disconnectedness from self, others and God or Higher power creating pain of any kind, heart disease, digestive problems, sleep problems, depression, obesity, autoimmune disease, skin conditions, such as eczema, etc.

There is a good side to stress. It protects us, keeps us alert, focused and energizes one when there is an emergency. Stress is a fight or flight response to save your life in harmful situations. It is the force that pushes one to study for a test instead of playing football with the guys.

The number one cause for stress is feeling out of control. This feeling comes from paying attention to three things that we can’t control outside of us.

  1. Time, the past and future
  2. Nature, the four seasons of the year
  3. Other people

What is in our control are our thoughts, feelings, our actions and our choices. When you’re feeling stress, the key is understanding that you are feeling out of control and you can take an action to get control by…

* taking ten very deep breaths while saying quietly or out loud “I’m inhaling peace (on the in breath), I’m exhaling stress and tension (on the out breath)”

* smiling and say I’m feeling … (what ever your feeling in the moment, anger, jealous sad, anxious, etc.) Fake or real smiling creates the endorphins to flow…

* ask “What can I do now?”

Maintaining your health and happiness – Five ways to create a balanced you

  1. Turn off the news. Most of the news is projection and speculation. The news is designed to get your attention and hold it. Get the headlines. Know what’s happening in the world then unplug and feed yourself something positive. Read a good book. Do something that you enjoy. Be creative.
  2. Drop the “shoulds” We have been lead to believe that we should do this and we should do that by others and ourselves. Ask yourself “Is it useful for me today to buy into that?” “Who made that up?” Shoulding on one’s self gets quite messy.
  3. Realize how much time you truly have. Ask yourself “What’s the best use of my time right now?” Stay in the moment. There are many pockets of time during the day so make good use of them. Take a walk in the grass barefoot, sit under a tree or just breath deeply for five minutes.
  4. Just say “NO”. If someone asks for something and you don’t have the time or energy it’s ok to say no. There is no explanation needed. It’s important for one to take care of their self first and there will be much more energy to be able to help others later. No, is like a muscle. The more you say it the more natural it feels. It’s important to do what is right for you and not doing something out of guilt or a sense of obligation.

Practice rethinking. When things seem to be going wrong rethink it. Think about all that is right. Think about a special friend, a great time at a party, a loving pet, your comfortable bed, etc.


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