You Don’t Have To Believe What You Think by Brenda Rhodes

You Don’t Have To Believe What You Think by Brenda Rhodes

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You Don’t Have To Believe What You Think by Brenda Rhodes

“You don’t always have to believe what you think.” I found this statement funny when I first heard it at a women’s meditation group. However, I’ve come to realize how many thoughts are created into beliefs. Some of these thoughts even become core beliefs.

Many thoughts are illusional; stories we create and tell ourselves and others over and over. The brain receives a few facts and it creates a story to fill in what it believes is missing.

It has a hard time accepting what is.

Here’s an example of a story and a belief that I recently heard. It was a holiday family get-together. The people were all ages. Being served was good food, wine and beer. Some brought their own liquor. A woman in her early thirties entered the bathroom. When she came out a very strong smell of vomit, was brought to the hostess’s attention. Later a towel with vomit was found under a guest bed.

Over all, the holiday was perceived as a lovely get-together and life went on.

More recently, the couple who held the holiday function, had a cousin and her two children come for a visit. Sometime that evening, it was discovered that some damage was done to collectible dolls. This created strong emotions. The woman thought back to the holiday function many months before. She felt angry and blamed her cousin’s son for the prior vomit episode. She called up her cousin saying, “I am no longer going to enable the actions of your children. Your son had to be drinking at our holiday party, got drunk and didn’t want to be heard so he threw up in a towel. He is sneaky. You will no longer be invited to functions at my home because of him.”

There were however grand holes in the assumptions. The holiday that was brought up was the wrong holiday. The boy and his family spent that Thanksgiving at home with an Aunt and Uncle. No one witnessed that boy or any of four other teenagers as drunk. The woman assumed that no adult would do such a thing so, therefore, it had to be the boy.

A grand question arose; “why did so many months go by without a word?”

The answer, “I didn’t want the boy to get in trouble. He is in trouble already and I didn’t want his father to come down on him.”

Did the boy or any boy vomit and throw the towel under the bed? Was it one a teenager? Was it some adult that didn’t want to admit they were drunk…who knows.

All facts that were brought up by the boy’s mom were dismissed because the belief had already been created.

This story resulted from a tangled mind that filled in the blanks and the ideas then became a belief. It was dealt with in anger and a drama that arouse from broken dolls. It left no room for mental clarity and harmed a loving relationship between cousins.

This is just one blown out story created into a situation of finding a towel under a bed. How many beliefs and stories do you create in a single day?

What do you tell yourself about the person who squeezed in front of you while driving?

What do you tell yourself about how you look?

How many times do you put yourself down?

How much joy is lost dwelling on an illusion for months or even years? Many people are in emotional and mental torment because their beliefs are just plain wrong? Whether the belief came from someone else’s perception, developed in you as a child or a few moments ago, if you are not happy, the belief doesn’t serve you.

When stories become core beliefs, people create continuously looping patterns. This looping is a form self-hypnosis that compounds over time. People who navigate their lives from limiting patterns create deep imprints in the sub-conscious that reinforces the old patterns again and again and suffering continues.

To make positive change for a happier, healthier life work with a Hypnotherapist. They help you to access and positively shift plaguing deep imprints. Hypnosis safely takes you to the core where the pattern began so you clarify situations that cause the pattern. At this point you can work out, change perception, say what needs to be say, feel emotion, let go of anger, guilt or shame, forgive yourself and, if needed, forgive others.

When you understand and release patterns that no longer serve you, you reconnect to suppressed, splintered off parts of self. You give yourself a great gift; create space and recognize your thoughts with clarity, use your power to change and mold yourself into the person you want to be… positive, peaceful and self-empowered.


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