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What is conspired by the universe, fate, chance, coincidence, or luck, what ever you want to call it is incredibly awesome. The exact timing it takes for two things or events to come together at the right exact moment for the greater good is breathtaking.

My mother called me yesterday to tell me that the nursing home cancelled the appointment for her home visit which was scheduled for today. The heat index would not be safe for her since she has a lung disease. So I decided to visit her last night. By the time I finished with the dinner dishes and picked up a few items from her apartment I arrived around 7 pm and surprised her. We had a nice visit together and I headed out for home around 8:30.

I decided to stop and pick up a few items from the store and of course get my favorite 85% cocoa chocolate. I looked through the displays of chocolate several times but could not find the kind I wanted. I continued to shop for the few other items, checked out and was again on my way home. I thought about stopping at the craft store for a specific type of bead I needed for my mala. It was almost 9 pm. and I knew the store was about to close. As I got closer to the store I decided I was going to stop because I didn’t know when I would be back in the area again. I was happy to get a very close parking space and ran into the store. I looked through a few rows of beading products to find a string of turquoise. I then continued to look for more semi precious stones. Not finding anything else I liked I proceeded to check out.

There was one lane open and two people ahead of me. Things were going slow and when the second women reached the teller it seemed to become slower. I looked behind me at the impulse rack and then noticed a woman looking at me. It was Tory, a woman that I knew from attending woman’s group a while back. After we said our hellos and how are you’s, Tory mentioned her mom had recently had a heart attack and I told her that I just came from seeing my mom at the nursing home. We walked out of the store together and continued talking about the concerns, emotions, stresses and the confusion that comes from being only children taking care of very dependent, ill parents during their health crisis.

One of the things that Tory mentioned to me was that she was a terrible daughter because she was at the store and not at the hospital with her mother. I was quick to point out that if she wasn’t at the store at the precise time I was, she wouldn’t have run into me nor wouldn’t have gotten the information to help her help her parents and her self and we both got the chills.

I don’t know what the steps were throughout Tory’s day to be at the store at the time she was but as I looked at all my actions through out the day that lead Tory and I to meet up in such minute detail I had complete awareness of the Universes synchronicity in play.

Divine intervention happens everyday whether we are aware of it or not. Letting go of judgments of others, situations and ourselves  is so important because that car that just pulled out in front of you may have caused you to slow down saving you from an accident. Perhaps the long line at the grocery store held you up just long enough to meet an old friend that you lost touch with and the friendship is rekindled stronger then ever. Maybe that flat tire you get will lead you to information to locating that dream home.

The other day I was in need of an oil change as my car was way overdue. My husband’s friend inadvertently called our home phone instead of his cell. I asked Mike if he could change the oil. It was done within a half hour and I was grateful.

I have personally found that the more grateful I am, the more open I become, the more trust I have, the more doors of opportunity lay before me…

Take a few minutes and reflect on the synchronicity that has arisen in your life and how your life has changed because of it.


“I am open to the guidance of synchronicity, and not let expectations hinder my path”

–Dalai Lama


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