You Are Being Primed

You Are Being Primed

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You Are Being Primed

There are many many people who believe that hypnosis is mind control, that their power will be taken away and made to do things they have no control over. There is a great fear that they will be stuck in an abyss or caused to cluck, bark or even worse dance and sing as if they are Elvis.

The fact that is so greatly overlooked is that people are doing things that they wouldn’t normally do, believe things that they would never take to heart and spend money on things they don’t really need or want everyday. We are so easily swayed.

Persuasion is used everyday by advertisers, marketers, media and politicians by tapping into your subconscious mind to increase the chance of you buying the product, gaining your vote or swaying you in a specific direction. How? By priming us. Sending subtle cues to influence our responses and attitudes and most of the time it’s not even realized.

There was an experiment that took place in a mall. Actors were hired to portray that they were from a news station and as people were coming down stairs they were told that a ridiculous event happened and asked what they thought about the situation. Everyone of the people that the reporter talked to completely believed the fictitious story, some even got emotional. Why? Because people trust others by what is worn and facial structure.

By using the knowledge of persuasion we are influenced by someone elses idea. So your conscious mind is giving up control of the decisions you make. Think about it the next time you see big bold letters, a red sign, a hand gesture, listen to or watch a candidate, hear a commercial on the radio or watch TV.

Look at the apple picture above. See the drops of water on the apple? What are you feeling about that apple? Is it juicy, ripe, fresh, sweet? You know that vegetable sprayer in the produce isle, the one that mists, or the fresh fruit on ice, well that’s to create the illusion that you are getting high quality and freshness. Oh ya, that apple in the picture could have spent 14 months in a warehouse.

How often will you be primed today?


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