Affects of Childhood Trauma

Allentown Hypnosis – Affects of Childhood Trauma

Effects of childhood trauma can be any traumatic event whether large or small. Childhood trauma lies at the root of most anxiety, and many emotional and mental hardships in adult life which can also cause long-term depression. Childhood trauma can include anything that causes the child to feel worthless, unlovable, insecure, and even endangered, or as if his only value lies in meeting someone else’s needs.

Examples of childhood traumas:

  • Belittling
  • Degrading or ridiculing a child
  • Making him or her feel unsafe [including threat of abandonment]
  • Failing to express affection, caring and love
  • Neglecting mental health, medical or educational needs
  • Parental divorce
  • Parental fighting
  • Domestic violence
  • Bullying and, including failure to curb bullying behavior by siblings or peers
  • Witnessing community and televised violence
  • Exclusion by playmates
  • Disruptive home life
  • Being part of a new blended family
  • Any highly stressful event affects a young developing mind

Childhood traumas such as the ones above are like ghosts in the mind. Their presence is felt influencing our thoughts, beliefs and actions but they are rarely seen with clarity. They are the reasons we become stuck and keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. They’re also why we search for something to fill us up and yet we just can’t put our finger on what that something is.

Working with clients of childhood trauma is very close to my heart. I too, had a very traumatic childhood and I am able to understand where the client is coming from. I may not have experienced their exact situation but I understand the pain, the need to be safe and protected also wanting to be included and loved without conditions.

“Brenda helped me get past the roadblock in my mind. She was able to find it and help me move on from there. She helped me to bring my inner wonderful person out to share with the world. The session was awesome.”

Summer K.
Lehighton, PA

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