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Working with a Midwife for over 12 years I heard over and over “If she’d just relax she’d become Pregnant.” Think about the stories of how many people just could not get pregnant; they gave up and adopted a beautiful child. A few months later SURPRISE! She was pregnant. Why does this happen to so many couples? Because for most they took the pressure off of their selves which eliminated stress and their minds and bodies were able to become relaxed.

Worrisome thought patterns conscious or unconscious change the body’s chemistry creating an imbalance of hormones which changes the delicate environment needed to conceive. You can improve your outcome whether natural or medically assisted by using hypnosis. You’ll learn to easily find your relaxed state that unlocks the door to conception.

I can help you to transform through blockages and fearful energies into a potent, beneficial place within your consciousness. Hypnosis is safe and has no side affects. Hypnosis is complementary to medical procedures with exciting results, often making the procedures work much better!

Natural fertility has come as a pleasant surprise for my clients, even those for whom assisted methods have been unsuccessful.

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