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How many times have you told yourself “I tried to quit smoking before and lost my willpower?” Well, it’s not about will power and it’s defiantly not about failure. It’s about the belief that was created when you first started smoking. Whatever the reason you first picked up that cigarette you repetitively told yourself that you like smoking; it helps you to relax, perhaps you felt part of the group, made new friends and felt accepted. It may have become a social tool and then you started to smoke alone because it brought all the wonderful feelings that you have when you were with others.

All these factors have hypnotized you to light up. Your subconscious mind now over rules your conscious thinking and that’s why you have not yet been able to Break the Butt Habit. No one has tell you that smoking causes illness and is a great financial hardship on your wallet or pocketbook. You’ve been aware of that for years. But what you have not been told is that nicotine is not physically addicting! That’s right, the message that you’ve heard over and over again through decades is that nicotine is addicting. This is hypnotic conditioning reinforcing beliefs that it is extremely difficult to quit.

I know that nicotine is not addicting because I have never had a client ask help to quit the nicotine patch or gum, nor do I know of any hypnotists that has worked with clients with nicotine patch or gum addiction.

I smoked 1 ½ to 2 packs a day for 18 years. I understand the difficulty of quitting, the craving and the thought that a few puffs won’t do any harm once I quit. After few days I was right back at it again, a full fledged puffer. I couldn’t stand the taste in my mouth any longer. I noticed how bad my clothes smelled. I had great difficulty breathing and for many months at a time my ears were closed. I kept asking people to repeat what they said and much of what I did hear was muffled. December 2002 I had enough. I hypnotized my self to quit smoking once and for all. It was so easy and I have not touched a cigarette since. It’s over eight years and I have had no cravings. I hear perfectly, my breathing is fine, I no longer smell of cigarettes, I never gained weight and have incredible energy.

You too, can be successful and easily quit smoking just like me and the thousands of people that quite smoking without the cravings every day. Use hypnosis to change the old programming to new and powerful re-programming of your subconscious mind. Naturally let go of the false beliefs associated with smoking without side affects of chemicals. Think about all the times you tried to stop smoking as practice. Let go of this non-serving habit without withdrawal NOW!

“I waited six months to give this testimonial because I wanted to be sure that my hypnosis sessions would work. Well, they did and since I quit smoking my relationship is so much better with my wife. My mouth doesn’t stink any longer and now she wants to kiss me again.”

David L.
Emmaus, Pa

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