Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki by Reiki Master Brenda Rhodes

Brenda Rhodes brings 24 years of experience of compassionate, insightful care for you and your pet family for all-inclusive healing and deeper relationship with all the animals in your life.

  • Animal Reiki reduces stress – relaxes nervous pets/animals
  • Animal Reiki Calms Scared, Fearful Animals
  • Helps emotional issues – creates a place of peace and safety
  • Animal Reiki is a natural safe healing tool for any animal – anywhere
  • Great for trauma -PTSD Issues– rescues – lost & missing pets
  • Long Distance Healing – In comfort of your home w/ no visitors intruding on pets
  • Especially good for fearful, scared, hard to transport animals
  • Natural and safe to use with other treatments.
  • Reiki for Animals used by many vets and professional offices
  • Used in Hospices for humans and animals alike
  • Works independently of any religion or spiritual belief system
  • Animals are very accepting of Reiki.
  • Animal’s energy fields includes spiritual, emotional, mental & physical well being
  • Energy healing removes blocks – creates “optimum” self-healing
  • Reiki approved by VA for Veterans and AMA


What to Expect of Animal Reiki                     

* Reiki is a powerful healing system on its own and it is also a wonderful complement to other therapies being used for an animal’s recovery or health maintenance.  Reiki is never be used exclusively as a substitute for quality, professional veterinary care.

* Animal Reiki sessions can be conducted in-person or from a distance. Distant Animal Reiki sessions are just as effective, and may be preferable in some cases. All Reiki sessions, in-person or distant, are offered with the animal in his or her own environment, habitat or current location. When animals can remain in their familiar surroundings, and do not have to be transported, confined, restrained, or subjected to human touch if it’s unwanted, this makes for a more comfortable and stress-free experience for the animals.

* Reiki is only given with the permission and acceptance of the animal. And the animal determines how the session will be given (hands-on or from a slight distance), and under what circumstances, including how much Reiki will be received. The animal has control over the Reiki session, and becomes an active and willing partner in their own healing process.

* During in-house session, Reiki may be offered to an animal from several feet away. The animal is allowed to come forward to receive “hands-on” treatment if he or she is open to it. Some animals will place certain body parts into the hands of the practitioner to show where healing is needed most. Other animals will lie down and fall into a deep “Reiki snooze.”

* The most common healing responses to Reiki treatments are drowsiness or induced sleep, increased water consumption, and increased elimination of bodily waste. Therefore, it is best to schedule Reiki sessions appropriately to accommodate the potential healing responses, especially for performance and service/working animals.

* More than one Animal Reiki treatment is usually necessary to address serious, chronic, or long-term injuries, illnesses, or emotional/behavioral issues, or to assist with recovery from a surgery or medical treatment. For best results, I recommend a series of 4 treatments on consecutive days, followed by once or twice a week until recovery.

* While positive results may be seen after one or two sessions, all animals will benefit from a regularly scheduled sessions of Reiki for their continued health and overall well-being, especially performance and working animals. I recommend beginning with a series of 4 treatments on consecutive days, followed by once a week or every other week for maintenance.

* Reiki helps to ease the transition of passing over, gives a sense of peace and comfort to animals along with their caregivers. I recommend a series of treatments on consecutive days—daily, or as often as needed—for support in this process.

In-home Animal Reiki Sessions:

Sessions are offered locally within a 15 mile radius of Slatington, PA. (Exceptions made upon special request and incur an additional mileage fee.) The initial in-home Animal Reiki session will last 40 to 60 minutes, which includes a free consultation, as well as a Reiki session. Subsequent, follow-up in-person Animal Reiki sessions will last from 30 to 60 minutes, depending upon the animal’s needs and preferences. Payment must be received prior to scheduling an in-home Animal Reiki session.

In-home Animal Reiki Session (1 animal): $70
In-home Animal Reiki Session (2 animals): $95

Distant Animal Reiki Sessions:

Distant Reiki sessions are offered to animals located outside of my geographic service area–anywhere in the world–but are also available to local animals as a matter of convenience and/or economics for their owners/caregivers. Distant Reiki is ideal for animals who are fearful, aggressive, abused or traumatized. Shelter animals, sanctuary or zoo animals, and wildlife can also be treated comfortably and effectively with distant Reiki.
All Distant Reiki sessions generally last 30 to 40 minutes which depends on the animal’s needs. The initial consultation will be conducted by phone and/or e-mail. Part of an initial consultation an Animal Reiki Information/Release Form must be signed, as well as an Animal Reiki Intake Form being completed. These forms need to be completed, and e-mailed to, preceding a scheduled session. A photo of the animal is very helpful, but not completely necessary. Payment must be received prior to scheduling a distant Animal Reiki session.

Distant Animal Reiki Session (1 animal): $50
Distant Animal Reiki Session (2 animals): $65

Animal Reiki Disclaimer: Animal Reiki is used as a support system to help promote health and well-being. Reiki is never be used exclusively as a substitute for quality veterinary care. Reiki practitioners do not diagnose conditions, prescribe/perform medical treatments or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. Reiki practitioners work in partnership with healthcare providers, welfare organizations, and practitioners of other healing modalities.

Reiki practitioners do not manipulate energy or control Reiki sessions. The animals are the leaders in the process, taking only the amount of energy they wish to receive, if any at all.

The healing process is completely up to the animal, should they choose to accept Reiki. Reiki healing energy goes to the issues most in need of healing, even those unknown to the practitioner or animal caretaker—regardless of intentions and expectations

Please review the Ethics and Policies pages.

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