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Allentown Hypnosis Pain Relief

You are in pain. You’ve seen your doctor but nothing seems to be helping. You are feeling angry, anxious, desperate or even out of control. You have a script of pain killers that you’re supposed to take that give minor to no relief. You go to bed worrying if it’ll be the same or worse in the morning. You wake up to another day once again dealing with the same or worse pain.

It’s time to take control by using hypnosis. Studies have shown that people with chronic pain can regain control of their life and turn down or eliminate their pain all together while at the same time reducing stress, anxiety and improving their mental and emotional state having once again a sense of self-empowerment.

“Research has shown medical hypnosis to be helpful for acute and chronic pain. In 1996, a panel of the National Institutes of Health found hypnosis to be effective in easing cancer pain. More recent studies have demonstrated its effectiveness for pain related to burns, cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis and reduction of anxiety associated with surgery. An analysis of 18 studies by researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York revealed moderate to large pain-relieving effects from hypnosis, supporting the effectiveness of hypnotic techniques for pain management.” –WebMD

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