Stress & Tension

Allentown Hypnosis Release Stress & Tension

You know all about stress don’t you? You feel it in your body every time the pressure of your obligations and responsibilities in your job, finances or relationships overwhelms you. You can’t sleep at night. You are unable to quiet your mind. You find yourself react with anger and/or frustration.

So what is stress? Stress is a positive response in a threatening situation. It’s your body’s natural instinct, the flight or fight response, producing cortisol to keep you safe.  When you are in a constant state of stress your body produces too much cortisol which reduces your ability to communicate, make decisions based on your own best interest and your body’s immune system weakens becoming more susceptible to illness and disease.

And what is tension? Tension is mental, emotional, or nervous strain caused by stress, usually resulting as a headache that is constant. It causes pressure like having your head squeezed in a vise. The headache maybe on both sides of your head, in your neck or back of your head.

Come and learn profound hands-on secrets that empower YOU for success, renew and rejuvenate, laugh & increase your personal growth. Take home time tested skills that you can put to good use right away and bring peace and joy in your life.

“Brenda has a quiet peacefulness about her that’s very calming. The people in PA are very lucky to have her.”

-Vicky Schroeder
Slique Productions, Huntington Beach, CA

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