Doing the right thing even though it’s extremely difficult…

Doing the right thing even though it’s extremely difficult…

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Perhaps caring for a parent has exceeded home care and the right thing is to find a nursing facility. Today a parent has made that difficult decision to give up custody of a child so the other children in the home are safe. Maybe one day you may have to decide when to stop medically intervening and allow a loved one to transition.

People are confronted to do the right thing in many difficult situations during their lives and they often feel inadequate.

Many times you won’t know what the right thing to do is, so practicing with the small moments in life gives the opportunity to set the intention to do the right thing.

When you are faced with a difficult situation and you respond with your heart there is a peacefulness that envelopes your being, so let go of what others might think of you, guilt, shoulds, can’ts and self-judgment,

Doing the right thing when it’s difficult has a collective effect over time because you let go for your own well-being and the other person’s welfare. You will survive and continue to be in integrity which gives the fearlessness of doing the right thing again in the future.


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