Embracing Vulnerability

Embracing Vulnerability

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Embracing Vulnerability

Why would I choose to be vulnerable. Why would I expose myself to pain or possibly be emotionally attacked? Isn’t the thought of vulnerability negative for most?

Wikipedia refers to Vulnerability as the inability to withstand the effects of a hostile environment.

Vulnerability is a state where I would be open, tender and soft. If I close down and become numb to protect myself, I also close down my compassion, love, joy, and happiness.

Being vulnerable is about revealing what you deny or keep hidden from others, being authentic and gives you the ability to empathize.

In order to be vulnerable, you have to be okay with every part of you. You’ve got to love everything about you, if you want to be vulnerable by choice. It takes great strength to show your true authentic you.

There are times when we are forced into vulnerability through conflict, grief, misunderstanding, rejection, or fear. Many choose to ware vulnerability as hard core anger, masquerading with a constant fake smile or having an exterior of thick armor.

When you love yourself, and I mean all parts of you, you don’t worry so much if someone else doesn’t, or what they think about you. And when you’re less afraid of rejection, you step right into that place of openness.

It takes practice and awareness to listen to our heart and be okay with feeling vulnerable. Don’t worry life will continue to give us opportunities to consciously choose openness.

 When I have chosen to be open, to show my authentic self, others meet me there, forming many powerful connections.

With vulnerability, you experience true connection—true love for yourself—and you begin to attract people to you who are inspired by your openness, softness and love.

While it’s not easy to be vulnerable, you’d be surprised how loving all of you and then sharing it with another can help you to connect with anyone. In my own life, I’m embracing vulnerability, continuing to open up to my loved ones, friends and clients.

Would you be willing to be consciously vulnerable, to walk into it, surrender and embrace it?

…and that visibility which makes us most vulnerable is that which also is the source of our greatest strength.”
Audre Lorde

“Vulnerability is the only authentic state. Being vulnerable means being open, for wounding, but also for pleasure. Being open to the wounds of life means also being open to the bounty and beauty. Don’t mask or deny your vulnerability: it is your greatest asset. Be vulnerable: quake and shake in your boots with it. the new goodness that is coming to you, in the form of people, situations, and things can only come to you when you are vulnerable, i.e. open.”
Stephen Russell



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