Hypnosis Myths

The hypnotist hypnotizes me.

Actually, hypnosis is self-hypnosis. It is a partnership between you and I. You are the one that hypnotizes you while I guide you.

Hypnosis is sleep.

It is not sleep, on the contrary the client is more aware of what is happening in their surrounding world, the senses become extremely enhanced. If a client would get so relaxed they would fall asleep there will be parts of the consciousness still listening to the hypnotists’ voice. A sleeping client can follow instructions like moving a finger, take a deep breath or wake when instructed.

Hypnosis will cause me to do things against my will and its mind control.

You are very aware and completely in control at all times. If I asked you to do something against your will you would come back to full room awareness or just disregard me. You can reject anything I say at any time. This is an unfortunate notion that keeps people from enjoying and benefiting from hypnosis.

Hypnosis is dangerous.

Hypnosis is not dangerous; it is a completely natural state. For anyone, in any way, to be hurt by hypnosis is totally out of the question. The client is able to hear, talk, think, act or open their eyes at any time.

You can be stuck in a trance.

No, if the hypnotist would leave for a lengthy amount of time you would fall into a sleep and awaken naturally.

I can not be hypnotized.

Yes you can! All people are hypnotizable. For some it takes longer then others. Anyone who is motivated towards positive change will be able to be hypnotized.

Only unintelligent people can be hypnotized.

This is false, the more strong- willed, intelligent and imaginative you are, the better results you will have.

Children are un-hypnotizable.

Children are in hypnosis most of the time during the day naturally. They are very susceptible to words and actions of others.

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