Reiki helps…

  • to restore healthy energy levels
  • relive pain and the causes of illness
  • reduce stress
  • relax deeply
  • mental clarity
  • lowers heart rate
  • improve immune system
  • increase a sense of well-being, peace and security
  • spiritual growth
  • clear and release toxins
  • enhance personal awareness
  • promote creativity
  • assist in releasing blocked an suppressed feelings
  • promote natural self healing
  • enhances meditation

Reiki (ray-kee) meaning “life force energy” is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and deep relaxation. Reiki is a natural and safe method that promotes emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing. It is spiritual in origin, there is no dogma attached to Reiki nor is it religion based.

Life force energy is delivered to the client by the practioner. The practioner gently places their hands in non-invasive positions on or above the fully clothed client who is seated or laying down on a couch or massage table. As the energy flows the client normally feels warm or tingling sensations in their body. Reiki is a smart energy that is guided by the universe and travels directly were it is most needed. A Reiki session lasts 45 minutes to a hour.

Receiving Reiki is a soothing and relaxing experience which is so gentle that it is often used on unborn fetuses, newborns, those who are transitioning, and even on our beloved pets.

Reiki works in conjunction with any other treatment, holistic, therapeutic and medical techniques to relieve side effects, promote recovery from illness, accidents and surgery. Reiki always heals for the best and highest good of the client.

“Reiki is amazing! It helps you to release things and you feel like a million dollars!”

Lisa S.
Danielsville, PA

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