Over thinking again

Over thinking again

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Over thinking again

I was sitting in class and the instructor commented that over thinking causes the most confusion. So I really concentrated on that statement and began looking at the situations in my life and how it may apply to my stinking thinking. Becoming consciously aware I can see where over thinking stole my peacefulness, happiness and joy. In my younger years I even had a great creative way of embellishing what was going on in and around me into fanatical traumatic dramatic horrid stories. I can laugh about it now but back then I was a worrywart and excessively stressed out.

Over thinking may feel hopeful or helpful nevertheless it leads to negative thoughts, insecurities, fear and anxiety. Thinking too much only complicates your life and creates problems that weren’t even there in the first place.

Many over thinkers used this pattern as a protection when they were children and if served them well at the time. Over thinkers created a belief that “I have to fix, make different, control the situation, and even survive,” yet over time the pattern/belief no longer serves and causes deep suffering. It’s a deep subconscious pattern/belief that is quickly and easily released with hypnosis. 

The more you practice being conscious of your thoughts, training your mind, the less you over think the more peaceful your internal world is.


Ways to stop over thinking. 

Focus on the positive it is happening right now in your life, the positive maybe something as simple as a beautiful flower in your garden or running water. Think about what you do have and feel great gratitude for it.

Allow yourself to go to peaceful place in your mind. Close your eyes and be there, know it, feel it, see it, be it. Use all your senses. Imagine putting your distracting thoughts, issues, or problems in a golden box or vessel, you close the lid and place it high on a shelf letting go of it and feeling confident that you can always retrieve and work with the issues at a latter time.

Bring your awareness back into your present moment. Really focus on what is happening right now and with your inner speech tell yourself that “right now I’m okay.” Tell yourself the truth… “I am perfect just as I am.” or “I am… (positive things about you).”  Keep saying it over and over. Make it your mantra.

Become very conscious of what it is that you are saying to yourself or saying to others about your situation. Become aware of the story you continue to tell. Is it keeping you in a place of suffering? Are you a victim? Are you blaming someone or something? Replace sabotaging thoughts or worries with peaceful ones.

Get out in nature. Go for a walk. Sit by a stream. Go to special place and take it all in, its peacefulness and beauty. If your favorite place is the beach and you’re not able to go there you can go to a park, close your eyes and go within your mind, you can see the waves, hear the water, smell the salty air, you can even feel the breeze. Just imagine it and breathe deeply.


“Thinking too much leads to paralysis by analysis. It’s important to think things through, but many use thinking as a means of avoiding action.”
Robert Herjavec,


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