Peaceful Warrior, Come Again

Peaceful Warrior, Come Again

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Peaceful Warrior, Come Again

What you think and feel in your inner world erupts in your outer world.

It’s important to remember when we are in a place of pain and suffering that we are not alone. There are other people experiencing and feeling the same emotion and pain as we are.

Judgments are perceptions of what’s presented in the mind and creates separation which causes harm. Judgments mean: I’m right and you’re wrong. Judgments are made because they feel like they protect us yet it is an illusion which creates harmful effects towards the judger.

We all know rage and anger and when we choose not to act upon them we become, what is known in the Andean culture, a peaceful warrior. By practicing not allowing the ego to control your thoughts and actions we see with clarity and take the drama off of a situation allowing it to be neutral.

Shadows are what we place when we don’t want to see the truth about ourselves; it’s what we hide consciously and/or subconsciously. Shadows are illusions, confusion, abuse of power and what we reject. When we see the places within that are dark shadows and reclaim our power allowing the light we have within and embrace true love for ourselves. Mustering up the courage to work through the shadow parts increases our vibration which increases our joy and happiness more and more in our daily lives.

Where do we abuse our power? Abuse of power can be actions, words, the places were we close our hearts, controlling situations or people, causing fear. How do we abuse our power towards ourselves with thoughts, words and actions? What does our voice say to us or others that creates harm?

Let there be no enemies within, Let there be no enemies without. Be the peaceful warrior.


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