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Age regression is the way to go back to the incidents and traumas that left an indelible imprint on your personality and soul, to finally deal with them and move forward. The subconscious mind remembers behaviors that you have used to protect yourself and repeats them until you tell it not to. The problem is, it was consciously forgotten why you needed these behaviors. By allowing subconscious memories to surface, you can change your behaviors to behaviors that serve you in the present.

A client I worked with had bladder cancer. He wanted to find out what behaviors he had created in the past that may hinder his progress towards his wellness. I regressed him to go to the cause. He went back 60 years when he was five years old and had a tragic accident. He was able to process the whole event and let go of the emotional sting that would rise in his present day life. He has a clear understanding of what he wants to do differently and is able to connect to his emotions of the moment.

Past-life regression (PLR) is used with clients that are open to reincarnation. They believe you have had past lives and that by going back to view one or more of them you will understand your soul’s path in the past, present, and future.

People usually start out by thinking past lives is a questionable theory. If you are not comfortable with the language of reincarnation, we can just use the language of heredity. Most psychologists agree that traumas that occur in your family of origin affect you, even if you don’t know about them.

Past life regression is used to discover causes of fears, repeated dreams, undesired tendencies, even “psychosomatic” pains. Some people have found their “aha moments” when seeing or reliving a past life incident. Current problems can be understood and dissolved by seeing where they originate.

During a past life regression, you will be regressed to a previously lived life, and  view the happenings from that  time that has influenced you in your current life. You are assisted in resolving any remaining issues and integrating the experience into the present.

I regressed a 64 year old woman who had an operation on her eyes so she could see without glasses for the first time since early childhood. She was told by her doctor that after six months her vision would be perfect. She wanted to understand why she still couldn’t see clearly. I guided her to the origin of the issue. She stated that things were going dark. She was in her 40’s and was going blind, feeling frightened and abandoned by her family. She recalled when she was 70 there was a party in the house and she was in her bedroom expecting the loved ones to come to her. They did not and she was extremely angered. She then passed. She was able to process this past lifetime and how it effected her in the present. She brought the belief in that she would never see again and understands that she is still very much loved even if she doesn’t see her family as much as she thinks they should come and see her. I spoke with her a week after our session. She shared with me that her vision was crisp, clear and happier then she has ever remembered.

The subconscious mind holds energy from past traumas, which we may not be aware of. Through hypnosis you can choose to access that emotional memory and deal with it. You can get to a point where you see the bigger picture. You will understand why you created the situation you are in, and how to clear it.

“I have never been so relaxed. My hypnosis session was a positive experience. I got so much more then I expected.”

-Kathy M.
Whitehall, PA

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