Hypno-Coaching The Rhodes Method

“The combination of practical resources and emotional support in a community run by someone who has walked the road and gets the kaleidoscope of challenges we face on a daily (sometimes hourly!) basis is invaluable.”

Benefits of Hypno-Coaching

  • Improve relationships, Prioritize yourself, Boost confidence
  • Relieve stress, Learn tools, Live purposefully
  • Stop yo-yo dieting, Discover sustainable approaches, Love your body, Eat for life
  • Sleep better, Move better, Feel better
  • Unlock your full potential and live your best Life

Why hire a Hypno-Coach?

  • Something wonderful has happened; Transitions often challenge us to re-examine our sense of who we are or the capabilities we’ve taken for granted. It can be painful to let go of what you know, especially if you feel you “should” be incredibly happy and you aren’t. Working with me can help you examine the constructs and inner worlds you’ve created in the past.
  • Something terrible has happened; Taking the time to grieve traumatic changes in your life can lessen the amount of time you spend in despair. I can provide a compassionate and safe place for you to grieve. If you are dismantling the structures of home, marriage or career I can help you learn from your struggle, help you tap into your inner knowing to expand and move forward.
  • Feeling Stuck; You may see yourself as blocked, at a crossroads or out of options. You may feel defeated, resigned or confused and your point of view is often the main contributing factor to the blocked, stuck, or stalled way you’re feeling. Learning how to identify and dissolve painful beliefs that are running in the background can move you out of helplessness and clear up a lot of confusion.
  • Need help figuring out “What’s next?” Guiding you will lead the discovery process and support you in re-organizing around a larger sense of self as you prepare for a new passage of your life. Because I am on your side in this exploration, I can ask powerful questions that breakthrough your old defenses. When you learn to be curious about your life, you will become more willing to look in the dark places and take on challenges that once seemed scary.

Feel empowered to become your best self…

Hypno-Coaching provides a supportive partnership, helping you to envision your best self and empower you into action. I’ll be there with you every step of the way to help you overcome challenges and stay on track.

I help you discover what’s important to you, tapping into your strengths and aligning your values with your actions. coaches listen without judgment, providing you unconditional support so you can efficiently make changes you choose to become your best self.

I’m here to listen and support you. Together we will build the skills and actionable steps so you can achieve your personal goals, keeping you as the top priority.

As your Hypno-Coach I am committed to helping you reach your goals.

“Coaching helps you stop the crazy mind chatter in your head that tells you all the time that

you’re not good enough” – Oprah Winfrey


Who benefits from Hypno-Coaching?

Everyone will benefit from hypno-coaching, whether you’re at the peak of health, managing a chronic condition, or anywhere in between.

Hypno-Coaching is a powerful alliance, where you’re the expert. No one will tell you what to do.

You hold the answers and I’m here to help you find them.

You Got This! – it’s about getting started with expert support by your side. Are you ready?


What issues can Hypno-Coaching address?

Weight Management: Create and live a balanced and sustainable life

Life Satisfaction: Find meaning and live your purpose professionally, spiritually, and socially

Stress Management: Build strategies for resilience & emotional well-being

Chronic Disease: Address chronic disease with lifestyle changes you pick at a pace comfortable for you

Self-Care: Learn to prioritize yourself and develop an individual tool kit to keep you going through all of life’s challenges

Transition: Navigate life transitions with ease, whether beginning a new career or dealing with loss. Transitions can include empty-nest syndrome, menopause, or even getting back into your routine after having a baby. Break down big challenges into manageable steps and goals; develop consistent habits to create your personal routine.

Relationships: Set boundaries & improve communications

Sleep: Increase energy and mental clarity, and even lose weight with better sleep

Holistic Care: Achieve overall health. Begin to see the interconnectedness, and other areas of health begin to improve. All we need to do is start. You Got This! Are you ready?

“Coaching is like going to a new destination with a GPS”.

When can I expect results?

Making change that lasts takes time and depends on motivation and individual factors, like readiness and support. Many people notice increased self-esteem and confidence after the first session, and sustainable transformation can occur after three months. Many find longer time commitments helpful. It’s important to communicate with me about your time commitment so we can set reasonable expectations for your work together. You Got This! Are you ready?


What does Hypno-Coaching look like?

Right from the beginning I want to know what is important to you. Together we will define an ideal future of where you’d like to be, and set goals to get you there.

During each one-on-one session, together we’ll explore what’s happening, reflect on recent successes, reframe failures in a judgement-free zone, and adjust goals to make sure you continue to move forward. I will teach strategies and offer resources to support you in developing new serving patterns. I will brainstorm with you, listen deeply to your ideas, and work with you to address obstacles ahead of time.

Most of the time, you will leave each session with action steps you create with my support. In between sessions, I will be available to check in with you as needed to help you stay accountable and on track.

In the end, you will have the confidence to maintain your new patterns. Eventually, you will have the confidence and independence on your own to live your healthiest, best life. You Got This! Are you ready?

Your Hypno-Coach is an expert in behavior change and is able to partner with you to make the lifestyle changes that lead to your best life. I am trained to ask powerful questions, listen deeply, and help you gain the confidence it takes to make individualized changes that last. Still want to learn more? Call me NOW! 

What make me different than other Coaches?

I use amazing tools such as Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Counseling, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), guided imagery and visualization. I work with all aspects of you, your whole you, where you are in the moment. If you are having, say, anxiety I help you release it instead of referring you to a psycho-therapist. I guide and support you to reach your goals with motivation and accountability for: fitness and weight loss, addictions, abundance, business and personal, relationships, stress management, health and wellness, peak performance(education, sports-and speaking engagements) happiness and spiritual growth. I help you at every step of your journey.

Hypno-Coaching empowers you to achieve goals and reach success.

Be Your Best

Achieve More

 You Got This!

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Hypno-coaching has given me the tools I need to survive as a sole founder to focus, prioritize and stay on task, this will be a rewarding experience.


Short video – Dr. Shelly Wroth explains the benefits of health coaching.


“A trained coach will work with you to get clear about what fulfillment would be for you. In the big picture, fulfillment is about living a life that is valued, purposeful, and alive, and balance is about choosing a life that is in action, aligned with a compelling vision”.


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