Advance Past-Life Journeying

Date: February 19, 2022
Time: 9:30-11:30
Cost $65.00
Register by February 14

What to bring:

  • An open mind
  • Paper and Pen
  • Blanket and cushion to sit on

This two and half hour workshop offers you a much deeper view into your soul’s journey. Recall more past lives, remember life between lives, connect to new guides, tap into your Akashic records, connect to a parallel life, or progress into your future…

This workshop will be tailored to its participants. That’s right, you tell me what you want to explore. No Advance Past-Life Journeying workshop is the same!

Brenda will place you in a deep relaxed state and gently guide you on a journey of your past. You will then be progressed back to the present feeling at peace. Time is allotted for writing down your experiences. Brenda will then lead a short group discussion of the past-life you explored.

“Because of the Positive Past-Life Workshop I now realize that I have a wealth of knowledge and experience (beyond my current life) that can be tapped into.”

Patty P.
Palmerton, PA

“The Positive Past-Life experience was so interesting and fun! I left feeling renewed and peaceful. Thanks Brenda!”

Shel D.
Allentown, PA

610.737.9560 for directions and registration


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