Who’s Laughing Now

Who’s Laughing Now

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Who’s Laughing Now


I’m drawn to people with a good sense of humor, how about you? When was the last time you had a good laugh? The simple act of laughter helps us to experience joy in the everyday and be present in the moment.

  1. Laughing Helps Your Blood Vessels In 2005, scientists from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore found that laughter is actually related to healthy function of blood vessels.

  2. Laughter reduces anxiety, relieves tension and stress, so laughing makes you healthier because it relaxes the muscles in your body.

  3. Laughing Helps Your Lungs
    A deep belly laugh is great for your whole respiratory system. Simply, ” the more laughter equates to more oxygen. “Deep breathing techniques which increase oxygen to the cell are the most important factors in living a disease-free and energetic life… Remember: where cells get enough oxygen, cancer will not, cannot occur.” – Dr. Otto Warburg,

  4. Laughter feels great. Laughing releases endorphins.

  5. Laughing brings people together. Sharing a good laugh with others is a fantastic way to connect and have a great time in social situations.

  6. Laughter is healing. Laughter is an astonishing source of physical, mental  and emotional wellness. Physically, laughter improves blood flow, deep breathing and boosts your immune system. Emotionally and mentally, finding humor in the difficult situations we face is a powerful step to bring some light into our dark periods.

  7. Laughter is beautiful. Laughter attracts others who like to laugh. Plus, it’s contagious and may help brighten someones emotionally difficult day.


5 Quick tips to bring more laughter into your life:

  • Smile. Laughter starts with a smile.

  • Let go and loosen up. Don’t take things too seriously. Laughter is an instinctive, easy going experience. Make a list of the good things in your life. This allows you to think more optimistically and loosen up.

  • Find funny people. Spend more time with people who are light-hearted and make you laugh.

  • Have fun and play. Make time doing things that you find fun and funny. Watch a funny movie or comedy. Play with children or animals. Go to a park and watch kids at play. They are great teachers of spontaneous laughter. Think back when you were a child. Re-connect with the things that gave you joy.

    There was a women in my last workshop that realized how happy she was while she’d swing and sing as a child. She now understands that that’s what she needs to bring back into her life once again to create joy and laughter.

  • Tell comical stories and ask other people to share their humorous stories.  


What makes you laugh? How can you bring more laughter and lightheartedness into your life?



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